Lord Abagor - Vocals

                Maahes - Guitars/Bass

          Michiel Van Der Plicht - Drums


Aran Angmar emerged from the void in mid 2019, bringing to this world the hidden, sulphur spiritualism of the Otherworld. 

As a blade crafted to tear the Veil Of Maya, this project will take you beyond the forgotten mysteries of Ancient Cutures and in front of those Arcane Occult Gods burning deep in the core of every man: a Freedom that goes beyond freedom. 

"Black Cosmic Elements" is ther debut album and tale, in 7 pieces, of Secret Places & Sacred Spectres you need to visit and witness in order to ascend. The music might be liked by fans of Dissection, Watain, Mayhem, Rotting Christ, Dark Funeral & Old Man’s Child.


"Black Cosmic Elements" has been recorded in Bologna, produced by Maahes and Roberto Priori and it’s been mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre) at Outersound Studios in Rome.

Artwork by Nestor Avalos, known for his work with Rotting Christ, Blood Bath, Cult of Fire and Blut Aus Nord.